Desktop version crashing, looking for reference library

Hello. I'm using the desktop version of Zotero and when I start up the program I get an error message:

"Database upgrade error

Error: Error(s) encountered during statement execution: disk I/O error [QUERY: DELETE FROM item TypeFieldsCombined] [PARAMS: ] [ERROR: disk I/O error]

From previous event:


Zotero then prompts me to check for updates or quit. When I check for updates, get a message that none are available and then the program closes.

I would generally uninstall Zotero and re-install, but I'm having trouble finding my reference library (not using the default location.) In the past, I would just open Zotero and locate the file by checking my advanced preferences, but I can't do that now because the program won't open.

Is there an easy fix for this error?

Is there a way to extract the location of the reference data file without opening the desktop program?

Many thanks.
  • "disk I/O error" points to a problem with the data directory location — e.g., an external disk or network share. Nothing to do with uninstalling/reinstalling — this is about the data directory location, not the Zotero application files.

    You can view the data directory location by going to your Zotero profile directory, opening prefs.js in a text editor, and looking for the "dataDir" line. You can delete that line and resave the file to have Zotero go back to using the default location ("Zotero" in your home folder) after moving the data there.
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