Zotfile imports highlights from tablet reader but not from Zotero integrated reader

When I extract annotations from my files, Zotfile does fine with the underline I've done in the Xodo reader I use on my tablet on the pdf files. However, whenever I highlight in the Zotero integrated reader and want to extract annotations to get these, the "extract annotations" dialogue box always shows a big X and fails to extract them.
What could be causing the problem? Thanks a lot.
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    You don't need ZotFile to extract Zotero annotations into a note (and ZotFile doesn't know anything about those, since it hasn't been updated). You can create a note from Zotero annotations by right-clicking on the item in the items list and choosing "Add Note from Annotations", or by using "Add […] Note from Annotations" in the notes list in the PDF reader.
  • You're totally right, I'm still new to Zotero and was getting its functionalities mixed with Zotfile.
    I tried it and it works. Thanks a lot!
    My only problem now is that every time I do the "Add note from annotations" it doesn't just add new notes, but adds notes from all the highlights I have, so it duplicates the notes if I already used that function in the document. Is there any way for Zotero to just add notes from the "new" highlights you didn't use before?
  • Not currently but it’s planned.
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