PDF Search Does Not Handle Word Spacing in Justified Text

Searching justified PDF text for a word string can produce no results for words separated by a single space when the text is justified. In order to produce even margins, additional white space is inserted between words. Other PDF readers do not have this problem. A search for the same string but with words separated by two spaces yields results.
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    Can you provide a link to an example PDF where you're seeing this? (We can try to create one, but it'd be better to test against one where you're seeing the problem.)
  • Here's a link to a PDF page.


    I searched for the phrase, "village council" and received no hits.
    When I added an additional space in the search string, "village council", I received two hits. On other pdf readers -- I use PDF-Xchange Editor -- using the phrase with a single space in it produces two hits.
  • Also, having a wild card character for searches would be a big addition.
  • Thanks — reproduced.
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