Zotero is making me add URL and type in citations myself

I am using Zotero on Google docs and when I press "add citation" I have to copy the URL and add the text. Then when I press "add bibliography" it says that as well and does not automatically make the bibliography.
  • Not sure what you mean here. Copy what URL? Add what text?

    Read through the documentation to make sure you understand how this is supposed to work, and if you're still having trouble with something say exactly what you're doing, what's happening, and what you expected to happen instead.
  • Zotero worked fine before, I'm not sure if it is because I copied and pasted my work into a new Google Doc. But when I press the "Z" on Google Docs two blanks pop up and it tells me to copy and paste the URL and write a text and press "Apply".
  • Can you provide a Report ID from the Zotero Connector?
  • (And to be clear, you're not supposed to put in anything manually. That's just the Google Docs link dialog. Zotero uses links to store data in Google Docs, but if you're seeing it it just means citation inserting isn't working properly for you.)
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