Scaffold does not save

First when I git clone and set the directory it asks at first start then loading offers 0 files. When I set it to my Zotero/translators that is maintained by the application I can at least load files. None of the two save button have any effect when I try to save my new translator. I am using openSUSE 15.2 with KDE Plasma as a desktop. The file select dialog is behaving erratic. It does not show all folders and for most none of the files are displayed although *.* is selected. Zotero version is 5.0.96
  • How did you install Zotero? My guess would be that this is a Snap or Flatpack installation? Those aren't maintained by Zotero and there are frequently issues like the one you describe. If you are indeed running one of those, you can either report this to the maintainers or just ran Zotero straight from the tarball on
  • I did install from Flatpak and as RPM which should contain no sandboxing. I tried the tarball which gives slightly better results. The file dialog shows all files. I can save to Zotero. Saving to the cloned git repository is still broken. I just doesn't do anything. No error message.
  • We would need to see a Debug ID for clicking the save button while using the official tarball version.
  • I got it to work by changing directories multiple times and copying the file manually for the first time. I would really appreciate an error message here. This is not robust.
  • I generated a debug ID D492639581 where I start Zotero, load Scaffold set Label to Test and Creator to Matt then press Save with the floppy disk. I don't see any event firing in the debug log.
  • Not sure this is related, but because it's been confusing for me initially: Scaffold takes a little time to load existing translators after being started, so if you just open it and try to open translators immediately, you only get the first couple (alphabetically).
  • This is not robust.
    @Milanium: To be clear, initially you were using a third-party, sandboxed version of Zotero that we have nothing to do with and can't fix, and you're the first person to report the save issue. So let's not be overly dramatic here.
    [JavaScript Error: "code not provided" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/translation/translators.js" line: 494}]
    Based on this, it looks like you're trying to save an empty translator before actually adding any code. We should try to catch save errors and display the output in the right-hand pane, and I've created an issue for that, but what you're doing doesn't make any sense.
  • Sorry, but it Scaffold made a terrible first impression on me. I suggest disabling the save button (grey out) when not enough fields are filled out.
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