Google doc error when adding reference from zotero using a different email account


I am using Google doc with my work email account but all my reference was managed using another email account. When I tried to add reference in Google doc across accounts, an error shows up and provides a link to the trouble shoot page. But using consistent email account works fine. Is it possible to get this fixed?

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    This has nothing to do with your Zotero account. (A Zotero account isn't even required here.) When asked to give permission to the plugin, you just need to choose the account that you used to create the Google Doc — that's it.
  • I did choose the gmail account that I used to associate with my zotero account and after a few seconds of loading time, the error message popped up. This does not happen if I work on Google doc under my gmail associated with zotero.
  • Read my message again. This has absolutely nothing to do with your Zotero account.
  • Thanks a lot for the clarification. My bad. I didn't read the message carefully when I was prompted with the list of google accounts. Somehow, I thought it was asking me to sign in to my zotero account.
  • @dstillman -- but I can't be the only one with half a dozen gmail accounts. Would it be possible to generate a clearer error message for people who authenticate with a wrong account or, better yet, somehow display the right account to authenticate with?
  • We don't have any control over the prompt itself — it's the standard Google OAuth prompt — and I don't think we can limit it to a given user, but @adomasven would know more. We can probably show a clearer error message.
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