Google-Doc to Word conversion fails [fixed]

edited 13 days ago
Hello, I am trying to convert a Google Doc to Word following the instructions here:

Everything seems to go well in Google Docs, the document gets the ZOTERO_TRANSFER_DOCUMENT header. I download as docx, open it in Word and hit “Refresh”, it works for a while and then I get a message saying:

“Zotero experienced an error updating your document.
Would you like to view troubleshooting instructions?”

(The troubleshooting information just leads to Afterwards the Word document looks fine (all citations there in correct form), but when I try to edit any citations or Zotero settings I get:

“Zotero cannot update this document because it was created by a different word processing application with an incompatible field encoding. In order to make a document compatible with both Word and LibreOffice, open the document in the word processor with which it was originally created and switch the field type to Bookmarks in the Zotero Document Preferences.”

Please let me know whether there is any way I can help debugging!

Zotero: 5.0.97-beta.14+40b871c2f
Word: 16.47
macOS: 11.2.3
  • Error report: 1608498951
  • The issue does not occur (i.e., conversion is successful) when I remove all comments and tracked changes in the Google Doc during step 1. (Although no references were part of tracked changes).
  • Sorry, there's a bug in the general document update code in the beta version of Zotero when the update takes long (which is usually the case when importing a transfer document). We'll release a fix soon.
  • Thanks for the reply, I can try again when the fix is here, either way it's not urgent because it can be fixed by removing comments.
  • A new beta is out with with this fix. You can update from Help → Check for Updates.
  • That fixed it, thanks!
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