Prevent collection deletion from syncing

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  • This feature is really needed! I accidentally deleted my collection (very easy to do instead of just deleting a duplicate document) but was quick enough to cut the internet before it synced to the web and so I prevented Zotero deleted it there too. I can see my 'backed up' collection online but there is no way to export it. If I sync, I will lose that copy too...
  • You can just create a new collection online and drag all items from the locally deleted collection into it. When you sync, the new collection will remain.

    Alternatively, you can restore to your last automatic backup:

    (It will soon be possible to restore accidentally deleted collections from the trash.)
  • Thanks dstillman!!

    That worked! I am sending you a virtual beer in gratitude! Wow, thanks a lot. You saved my whole collection. I really appreciate it. If not for that, I had the idea to maybe install Zotero on another computer and sync with the cloud and then export the file and import it into mine but I don't know if that would work.

    I'm really glad the restore deleted collection funcion is being added. It should also have a more scary warning come up when you go to delete a collection because the current one at a glance looks just like the one when you go to delete a file so it's easily to routinely dismiss.

    Thanks again and have a great day. You rock!
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