How do I ..?

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.. get a collection (Sammlung) back in Zotero on my PC?
I originally created in My Library (Meine Bibliothek) a second collection (Musik) which has nothing to with my actual topic. So I created a new group Musik and in my account I was able to 'export' everything from my pc in the WebLib of Zotero. There I see now my My Library with one collection and the other library Musik with my second collection. But I can't get this new group Musik back in my local Zotero on my PC - no matter how many time I klick on sync.
Of course
- in Settings (tab Sync) in my local Zotero this library is detected an activated (green ok),
- autom. sync is enabled
- and anything else ...
But if I open the context menu (right mouse click and select sync - nothing happens:
the library Musik does not appear?
I was able to upload this second collection move it to the new lib. but now I want it back that way?
How do I ...?
  • Solved - after one cup of tea everything seems to be fine :)
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