iOS beta: Notes and highlights are not synced

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  • Unfortunately, when I import and edit a document in the iOS app, the notes and highlights are not synced.
  • Please start new threads for new issues — the thread you posted to isn't related. I've moved this to a new thread.

    Can you explain the steps to reproduce the problem you're experiencing?
  • I perform the following steps on the iPad:
    1. import PDF into Zotero iOS
    2. read the document in Zotero iOS, highlight text passages and make notes.
    3. finish editing
    4. synchronise the database

    Follow the steps below on the Mac:
    1. synchronise the database
    2. open the edited document from the iPad
    3. notice that neither the marks nor the notes have been synchronised.
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    What's the URL of the parent item in your online library (or the 8-character folder name if you do right-click → Show File on the attachment on your Mac)?
  • @hibaxxvi: Can you also take screenshots of the PDF on your iPad and Mac, upload them somewhere (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive), and provide a link here?

    Just to be sure, you have the PDF reader preview enabled on your Mac and are viewing the PDF within Zotero?
  • Oops. The annotations are visible in the internal PDF viewer. Not in the external viewer. Why is that? Could this be synchronised?

    The order is "7YRWPMC3".
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    @dstillman: Hmm. However, Zotfile does not recognise the notes and markings created "internally" in this way either. Is there an alternative?

    I would like to export the marks as quotations and the corresponding notes as a Markdown file in Obsidian, my "Zettelkasten".
  • Zotero annotations are stored in the Zotero database, not in the file.

    It's possible to export a PDF with the annotation embedded, but they're not embedded by default.

    See the PDF reader announcement for more info on this.
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