Username and password not accepted for syncing

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  • Hello !
    I think I have the same kind of trouble : I can login to Zotero account using the browser and I can see the library. If I try to sync from my Zotero application, I get a message that my username and/or password is invalid. Username and Password cannot be invalid because I can login from my browser.

    I've already uninstall and reinstall Zotero app and it's always the same problem.
    I'm on a Windows 10.

    Can somebody help me ?
    Thank you
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for an attempt to set up syncing? (Your password won't be logged.)
  • Hello dstillman!

    I've just followed the instructions to have the "Debug ID" - AND IT'S SYNCING NOW !!!
    I have no idea why!!! LOL

    Anyway, thank you very much!
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