iOS: modifications on existing notes are not saved

edited April 4, 2021
When I modify existing notes on Zotero iOS (iPad), and click save to close the note’s window, I have noticed, when I reopen the note again, that changes are not saved and it’s always showing the initial note prior to modification. I tried this with several existing notes and the issue is persisting. Only way to save notes on iOS so far is by creating new ones.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for this, along with the precise steps you're taking to reproduce the problem?
  • This is the debug ID: D1098944181

    Hopefully this is the right way to do a debug. Otherwise, the link below includes a short screen recording to show the issue in real time:
  • [ERROR] Zotero(+0004202): ItemDetailStore: can't store note - objectNotFound. [(374) ItemDetailActionHandler.saveNote(key:text:in:);; 1617573192.759305]
    How did you create that note? If you create a new note, can you reproduce this?
  • I created that note on the iOS Zotero app.

    As you can see in this new screen recording (link below), I can create new notes and add text and save them without any issue, but the problem is once I save a new note and exit the window there will be no way to come back and save new modification on the same note, I mean I can add text but it won’t be saved.
  • Thanks for your detailed videos @Wael00. This issue should be fixed in next build.
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