ACM and IEEE PDF downloads not working via proxy

I'm running into problems downloading PDFs from both IEEE and ACM DL--but not from other sites (Science Direct, JSTOR, Sage, etc)--using my university's proxy, Firefox for Mac v87.0, and the Firefox addon with updated translators.

In both databases, the citation saves properly to my Zotero library, and the PDF appears in the save popup, but there's a red X indicating that the PDF could not be saved. (I can manually select the PDF button on the page to download it, and have been doing that as a workaround.)

Example URLs:

The debug log for the ACM article is too long to include in this message, but it can be found here:

Debug Log for IEEE article:

(3)(+0007878): Connector_Browser: onActivated for about:blank

(3)(+0000000): HTTP POST

(3)(+0000081): Connector: Method ping succeeded

(3)(+0004630): Connector_Browser: onActivated for

(3)(+0000001): Proxies.proxyToProper: to

(3)(+0000068): progressWindowIframe.mouseleave message received in injected page

(3)(+0002503): progressWindowIframe.hidden message received in injected page moz-extension://24528dbe-60af-de4f-9022-8f92f637c649/progressWindow/progressWindow.html

  • Those both work in general. For failing PDF downloads, we'd need a debug ID from Zotero, not the connector -- and please just post the ID, no need for the output itself.
  • Debug ID for ACM: D774706563
    Debug ID for IEEE: D2104485369
  • Those are from the Zotero Connector, not from Zotero.
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