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I'm new to Zotero and in the process of setting up my workflow between the main programs I use on Linux:
* Zotero stand alone (5.0.96)
* Freeplane (1.8.11)
* LibreOffice Writer (

I'm using ZotFile to extract annotations/highlighted text from PDFs to notes. I would like to use this information in mind maps including the possibility to use the reference link from within Freeplane.

- When I copy the content of the notes to Freeplane directly the html formatting gets lost, i.e. importantly also the one of the reference link.

- When I copy the content to a LibreOffice Writer document the format is kept AND when I then copy & paste the content from the Writer document to Freeplane, the format is also kept there (in Freeplane). That means I can open the link to the annotation/highlighted text from within Freeplane.

Not sure on which side that could be solved (Zotero or Freeplane)?
When I look at the source code of the note in Zotero I can see the html tags - except the < h t m l > and < / h t m l > one. I wonder whether that could be the reason why the html formatting is not picked up by Freeplane?

Any advice would highly be appreciated.
  • I suggest you upgrade to the Zotero beta, which has a new PDF annotation and note taking tool. With that, you can directly insert note contents into LO documents.
  • Thanks @bwiernik, your fast reply is highly appreciated.

    I'll definitely have a look at it. And hope that it also simplifies the integration between Zotero and Freeplane. That's currently more the pain point in my workflow (see above).
  • because the new notes editor is not html based it will be necessary to export the notes by generating a report. The saved report is html. I previously used Docear and have experimented with Freeplane since Docear was discontinued. I would be interested to hear more about your workflow and experience with Freeplane and Zotero. BTW where are you in NZ? I'm in Auckland.
  • Hi @cjpoor, thanks for your reply.
    Am just compiling a document with my workflow. Happy to share (and discuss) when finished and there is interest.
    Is there the possibility for private messaging on this forum?
    I used to be based in Auckland, currently unfortunately overseas...
  • Hi , you can read private messages in your Inbox - link at the top of this page to
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