Finding or moving the location of bibliography citations

Is there a way to find out where an item that is listed in a bibliography (Zotero for Word) is located in Zotero? For example, I've come back to an old document and don't remember which library the citations were being pulled from. Is there a way to look up where the linked items are located in Zotero?

Secondary to this, if you start working in My Library (for example) and create a bibliography and citations in a document, and then later you need to work collaboratively and switch to a shared library, is there a way to move the items to the shared library without breaking the citation links in the Word document?

Thanks in advance!
  • Yes, if you edit a citation in the Word document, you can click on the item in question in the red quick format citation bar. That opens a pop-up that allows you to add prefix/suffix, page number, etc. and, if an item exists in one of your local Zotero libraries, a button "Open in Zotero"
  • @adamsmith Thank you, that's helpful. It seems like citation links get broken if the item moves from one library to another. Is the only solution to recreate each citation, or is there an easier way?
  • If you need to edit the metadata or otherwise rely on them being (re-)linked, then doing that one-by-one is unfortunately indeed the only option, yes.
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