Zotero PDF reader and new note editor: Use of separate tags in annotations


I think it's a great idea that each annotation can be tagged individually. This allows for a level of granularity that having all the annotations in a notes simply doesn't allow.

How can the individual annotation tags be used for collecting relevant notes? I'm not able to view those annotations when I click on the tag in the main Zotero window. Am I missing something? Is this a part of an upcoming feature?
  • Yes, annotation tags aren't yet integrated with the rest of the app (searching, tag selector, etc.), but they will be in a future update.
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    Great, thanks! Looking forward to the update. Just saw a related thread. https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/88653/pdf-reader-tagging-annotations-and-notes/p1
  • @dstillman will it be possible to confine a tag search to just annotations rather than top-level items? It would be great if it was possible to tag annotations, then search for all annotations with that tag and export them to a new note.
  • I agree that this will be a killer feature. Do we have any ETA on when that might come online? We have a project that in the next six months could really use this feature, so I'm keen to know whether I could use that instead of the workaround I'm now employing of having multiple child notes extracted.
  • I'm really looking forward to this feature. Will make my work a lot easier and efficient.
  • Any news on this? I've been tagging my annotations since the beta came out, in particular things like "todo" etc, and I'm waiting patiently to be able to search for that.
  • In the latest beta, you can filter annotations by color or tag in the PDF reader sidebar (and, if you like, add just those annotations to a note). It will be possible to filter by annotation tags from the library view tag selector in a future version.
  • Thanks! I cannot find that, how?
  • At the bottom of the annotations sidebar on the left
  • Ah, I see, this is only visible once at least two colours of annotations or one tag is around!
  • That's right.
  • Fantastic! Can’t wait to try this out
  • Is there an SQL command that I might use to find entries with certain tags on the annotations? I've left quite a few tags on my annotations and want to find them again. I know this will eventually be a part of search, but in the meantime a quick solution would be really helpful?
  • It would also be great to globally search for all annotations of a certain color
  • Any update on allowing a global search for tags within annotations?
  • @dstillman would it be possible when searching for a tag in the search field "All Fields and Tags" to show not only the entries which have been tagged with the search string, but also the entries which contain annotations which have been tagged with the search string? That might be much simpler to achieve than the integration you promised above, but would already be a massive change.
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    As a temporary solution, you can use "better notes" add-on to search for tags in annotations and/or notes and compile them accordingly. Kindly find more details here:
  • Thanks. It seems the new beta has what I needed (it finds tagged annotations). Better notes looks great, but I already find it annoying now that the iOS version does not support links and images in notes, so rather than enhancing the desktop functionality with add-ons I shall wait patiently until the iOS version catches up a bit.
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