JSTOR batch add

I am not understanding what is happening with the batch add on JSTOR search results pages. When there is a search results page that includes multiple types of documents (including images), Zotero reads it as a webpage UNTIL I limit using one of the facets (in this example, I limited to journal articles). Is this the way it should be working?
Thanks for your help on this.
  • It's completely possible we don't have all search scenarios accounted for. Could you give us steps to reproduce this (where do you start searching, what term(s), what settings if any).
  • It doesn't seem to matter what kind of search I do, if the search results include images, the connector reads it as a webpage. One example is "Thomas Becket."
  • Another example is "Lillian Wald."
  • yeah, sorry, I can see this. I don't think we ever tested this with images in the search.
  • Thanks for looking into it! I really appreciate it!
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