how to insert a white space between the author name and 等 in the cation?

edited March 28, 2021
I edit a style, see,
and the resulting citation is (曾宪明等, 2020), I would like to insert a space between 曾宪明 and showing as (曾宪明 等, 2020),<code>曾宪明 is the author name, and means et al. If I use
<term name="et-al"> 等</term> in the <locale xml:lang="zh-CN">, there will be two spaces before in the biliography showing as 2. 曾宪明, 黄婧, 赵玉琪, 等. 高压均质处理对肌球蛋白-抗性玉米淀粉混合体系凝胶功能特性的影响. 食品安全质量检测学报. 2020, 11(21): 7855–7861

if I add suffix=" " in <macro name="author-intext-long"> as <name delimiter=" " suffix=" " and="text" et-al-min="3"> there will be space before and after, showing as ( 曾宪明 等 , 2020)

the example item is Items.json?dl=0

Is there a solution for this?

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