order of multiple sources not updated after edit

using openoffice with zotero - latest versions of plugins I believe. I use the APA citation style. Have seen a few threads in the past on this issue, and one of the tickets related to this seems to have been solved already?


maybe this is only for word...

also related is the fact that when editing a citation with multiple sources, the "keep sources sorted" button disappears.
  • I also don't see how this is fixed - at least in open office it's not -
    it's exactly as spacedive says: In order to actually sort the references the "keep sorted" box needs to be checked and that box isn't there for the "edit citation" window.

    (sorry Simon - I know things must have been a bit crazy for you over the last week, but whenever you get a chance fixing this would be great).
  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    just in time too - defended thesis today so have to hand in final copy soon. One of the major editing tasks I was not looking forward to was to manually change the order of authors in multiple author citations.
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