PDF reader and iOS beta syncing: "some data could not be downloaded"

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  • So, I am beta testing Zotero app on iOS. I am excited about Zotero's native coming to iOS!

    Here's one issue I encountered so far: I open PDFs in Zotero on iPad and add highlights. Then synchronize them to Zotero storage (I subscribe) by pulling down. Then I try to synchronize Zotero app on my mac but it fails
    with the message that "some data could not be downloaded" https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/unknown_data_error
    When I remove the highlight from PDF on iPad I can synchronize Zotero on iPad and Zotero on my mac.

  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync that produces that error?
  • There is no error any more since I removed the highlight. I would need to reproduce it.

    BTW, I have over 8000 items in my individual library and a dozen group libraries, I did not have any problems starting Zotero on iPad for the first time and synchronizing items.
  • Yes, I'm asking for a Debug ID for reproducing it. There isn't a general problem, or the forums would be full of reports.
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