Change behaviour of file drag and drop

As I understand it, dragging a file from an open folder onto a record in the Zotero interface will create a link to that file. However, since copies of files rather than links, are what will enable the built-in synchronisation by Zotero, I suggest that this behaviour is made modifiable by the user, and that the default is set to 'copy', rather than 'link'.
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    Dragging a file into Zotero will import, not link, the file. (You can see this by clicking Show File in the right-hand pane.)
  • and is there any waht that dragging a file into zottero creates a link, insted of copying it? I prefer to orgnaize the PDFs by myselfs and if I want to import something I have to drag it (Creating a copy), get the metadata info, add the new link and remove the copied PDF.

    For a couple of PDFs is fine, but when yo uhave to do that for 200 is kind of frustating...
  • I found a more appropriated thread here:
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