Starting again with empty local database

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  • Just a question. I am moving from Mendeley to Zotero with about 4k pdfs and ran into same situation as the import crashed for me for the first time and then when the import was successful I experimented. So I want to do a clean import.

    I reinstalled Zotero with empty local content and currently trying to clear the database by resetting it and forcing upload the "empty" local content. I thought that this would clean online My Library as well. So I dont understand why @tkott1 needed to clean it by you @dstillman.

    am I missing something or my way is just another way to do the same? -> having clean online My Library before I import Mendeley db to Zotero locally and sync it to online My Library
  • The thread you posted to (which I've split this off of) was just a totally different situation, related to privacy. It's not relevant to your situation.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "reinstalled Zotero with empty local content", but if you mean that you deleted the Zotero data directory and then used Restore Online Library, that would work. So would just deleting everything in the library, emptying the trash, and syncing.
  • Yes, that's what I did and it looks that it is working. Online My Library is empty, currently importing again from Mendeley, then I will try to upload.

    HAVE TO SAY here that I impressed about the Zotero development. Great job you have done here! I tried it a decade ago and that decade is visible.
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