Save a bibliography to format compatible with Microsoft Word

Hello -- A colleague has asked me to share a subset of my library with him. He does not have a citation manager, he lists all his references in a Microsoft Word document (!).

I have created this bibliography with Zotero's search tool. How can I export it in a format that will be easily readable in MS Word? (To be safe, an older, basic version of MS Word.)
  • RTF can be read by virtually all word processors and opens in all versions of Word back to the 1990s. (So that's right-click --> Create bibliography --> Save as RTF)
  • I have saved the bibliography. There is no RTF choice in the Export function.

    How do I go backward to search results so I can save this bibliography as RTF? Where do I do right-click (I use a Mac).
  • adamsmith explained how to save to RTF. You don't use Export.

    Right-click on a Mac means control-click, or two-finger press on your trackpad, depending on your settings.
  • You can also drag from Zotero to Word, save, and email from there
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