Beta automatically reverting to release version

  • I to get this error message on a daily basis. I have upgraded to the beta and like it. I go to the beta page, install the beta and then the next day it starts all over again. The only way for me to use it is to reinstall. The error message is:

    "This Zotero database requires Zotero 5.0.97-beta.1+586a6f1dd or later.
    Current version: 5.0.96
    Please upgrade to the latest version from"

    There is an upgrade button in the window, but when I click it it says no update available. I then go to the beta page, redownload and install again. After this it works for a day and then this behavior starts over again.

    Any thoughts? Running Windows10. Thanks!
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    @SteveA: No, you'd only get that if you install the non-beta version. As it says, you're running 5.0.96 there.

    The beta does not downgrade automatically to the release version. If you're saying that's happening, I don't know what to tell you. Either you're manually reinstalling 5.0.96 or this is an institutional computer that's resetting your apps to known versions every night.
  • Thanks so much for the reply.

    So I just upgraded again. When I go to "about" here is the version: 5.0.97-beta.8+f690c666d.

    It is an institutional computer but it does not upgrade at night. It is actually my personal office computer. I am using the windows installer and have not used the Windows Zip file that is on the beta page.

    I really am confused as to what is going on. It will not allow me to open the desktop version until I re-download the beta and reinstall. I have not tried to downgrade. That would be my next step and then try to upgrade to the beta again.
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