Forcing use of short title exclusively

edited March 22, 2021
I'm building a legal CSL style for Juris-M and have run into the following issue:

The way I usually save cases in my library, I give them a "Case Name" (often composed of the court name + docket number), and if the cases have specific, easily recognizable names (take "cassis de dijon" for example), I put those in the "Short Title" field.

Now I want my style to output Short Title where available and otherwise cite the case without that element. However, just using text variable="title" form="short" returns the Case Name as well if no Short Title is available. Is there a way to get it to only use Short Title and not revert to long titles/Case Name if none are found? Using "if match= any variable="title" form="short"" doesn't seem to do the trick either.
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