Unexpected behaviour with html attachment

edited March 21, 2021
Trying to open an html-file linked as "file attachment" in one of my items and getting the message that "Scapple cannot open html files". See screenshot here. (The image shows the same link as pasted in the note section of the item; when trying to open the attachment from the file-attachment sub-item directly, I get the same message.)

The html-file in my file system opens perfectly in a browser window when accessed from outside of Zotero. I'm a user of Scapple but not conscious of indicating in Zotero to open html files with that app. Default application of my OS (macOS 11.2.2) for html files is Opera. Rifling through the config editor in Zotero I could not find any entry indicating Scapple. Appreciate any ideas.
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    Zotero doesn't have preferences for anything other than PDFs, and generally just launches files via the OS, but it's possible it prompted you for an HTML file the first time and you chose Scapple by mistake. Try deleting mimeTypes.rdf as explained on File Handling Issues.

    If that doesn't help, it's something configured on your system outside of Zotero.
  • Thanks for your response, Dan. Have killed the mimeTypes.rdf in all three of my Zotero profiles to little effect. I then zapped all my launch services in user, local and system – again to no effect. Finally I deleted the respective link attachments in this item as I noticed that other html attachments in Zotero work as expected. So, none the wiser but rid of my immediate problem. Appreciate your prompt suggestion and pointer to the File Handling article. Writing this down as it may be useful for others faced with quirky file-association issues.
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