iOS: Empty trash

edited March 20, 2021
I’m viewing the Trash in a group library on the iOS app on my iPhone.

I don’t see an empty trash button and when I Select multiple items, the swipe action to restore or delete items no longer operates, so I don’t see any way to delete multiple items at once from the Trash.
  • An Empty Trash context-menu option is planned, but there's a button to delete items permanently in the bottom toolbar after selecting multiple items.
  • Ah totally missed the bottom toolbar.
  • edited March 21, 2021
    Oh, actually I didn’t miss it—it was hidden by the syncing notification. Could the syncing notification be dismissible? Or syncing placed on a schedule? Right now, every time I switch to the app, it goes through a 2-3 minute cycle of checking every library to confirm no changes.m, during which the bottom toolbar isn’t visible.
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