PDF reader: Drag citations out of Zotero with citation details

This discussion was created from comments split from: Available in preview: Zotero PDF reader and new note editor.
  • This VERY cool. Would it be possible to encapsulate the annotation with the item's citation details and then an enable and RIS export? I'd like to be abe able to drag my citations out of Zotero into Tinderbox and have all the citation attributes come along with the annotation (dragging the annotation itself already works).
  • Not sure I understand the request. What exactly would you be looking for? Where does RIS come in? We can really only transfer text — plain or HTML — and images via the drag and drop or the clipboard.
  • Tinderbox (http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/) as a RIS converter. If I drag an entry over from Zotero to Tinderbox it takes the RIS and populates a note's attributes with all the Zotero RIS parameters. Right now the only way I can switch between export formats is to manually open the preference pane. I'd love to have some hotkeys to be able to automate the switching. If these were made available to the menu I could use keyboard maestro to automate my whole flow.
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