Citing Exhibitions, Performances, Concerts

one can add artworks, presentations, radio broadcasts
but I think it would be good if there were separate sections for
Exhibitions, Performances, Concerts
  • Agree. Many in theatre studies regularly need to cite live performances. There have been requests for this entry type to be included in Zotero since a decade ago and it's still not possible...
  • Adding my voice to this as I'm still trying to find a work-around and it feels like it should be easily solved.
  • Adding my voice here and pointing to the GitHub issue:
    Live Performance does feel like something we need.
    See also
  • Agree. I need to cite live performances, and I also need to cite specific Programs for these performances. This is difficult at teh moment
  • The CSL types for a performance is `performance`, for an exhibition is `event`, for an exhibition catalog, use `book`

    You can tell Zotero to treat an item as another CSL type by entering this in Extra:
    type: performance

    These will be picked up and cited in citation styles that support them (which are not very many at this point)
  • So is this for a specific performance date, or can it refer to a production that has numerous performances? and are you suggesting to use "book" for theatre programs? Thanks for any insight!
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    It's flexible: you can put a date range (say for a production run) or a specific date. I'd be inclined to cite the program as a performance (as opposed to exhibition catalogs, performance programs are typically not published formally) and use Genre: program booklet or something along that line.
    In any case, this all requires working with the Extra field and CSL variables -- Zotero doesn't have a performance item type currently, so you'll want to familiarize yourself with that:
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