Zotero crashing since switching to Big Sur

Since I switched to a new laptop with the new M1 chip and Big Sur 11.2.2 installed, Zotero crashes quite frequently. I can't tell what action(s) cause the crash, sometimes I don't have the impression that I was working with Zotero when it crashed.
Would it make sense to send you the crash report generated by apple?
  • You can email a crash report to support@zotero.org, but no one else has reported this, so it might be a conflict with something else on your system.
  • Might not help, but you should try updating to Big Sur 11.2.3. There's a good chance this is a bug in Rosetta and not something we can fix.
  • edited March 17, 2021
    Updated to 11.2.3, but Zotero is still crashing frequently. Anything else I can do besides sending the crash reports to Apple?
  • If you're running any other third-party software, particularly any sort of system software, you could try closing or disabling it. You can also try in a separate macOS user account to see if it happens there as well.

    I'm afraid I don't have much else to suggest — we haven't received other reports of this or seen crashes on our M1 test systems. A future macOS update might fix it.
  • Thanks for your suggestions. I really do think it is some kind of "general" problem now, as sometimes the whole OS crashes as well.
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