Zotero iOS for iPad Feature Requests: Tag Search and Inking

My first impressions of the new iOS Beta on iPad is excellent; exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your awesome work.

Two suggestions/ feature requests:
- Tag search would be extremely useful for me, as I make heavy use of Tags for structuring my library.
- The possibility of inking when annotating pdfs would be great. I used that feature a lot with my combination Zotero-Zotfile-GoodReader.
  • I have this request as well. Keen on Tag searches, in fact would love a full fledged search feature on iOS to make full use of the Zotero Library on the go!
    Please give us this feature as a priority.
    Thank you for bringing in the iOS app. Testing, and looking forward to the full app,

  • +1 for tag search feature request
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