Archival audio in Chicago author-date 17th edn

edited March 14, 2021

The following example is given in Chicago 17's Manual of style:

see §15.57 Citing recordings and multimedia in author-date format.
see also §14.264 Recorded readings, lectures, audiobooks, and the like.

the sample:

Coolidge, Calvin. [1920?]. “Equal Rights” (speech). In “American Leaders Speak: Recordings from World War I and the 1920 Election, 1918-1920.” Library of Congress. Copy of an undated 78 rpm disc, RealAudio and WAV formats, 3:45.

How do I get '(speech)' to show up next to the title? this seems to be a genre type as the quotes surround the title. what field in Zotero does this?
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