Store Library only online and not locally?

My Zotero library is taking up way too much space on my local HD. If I pay for the unlimited File Storage, is it possible to store my library (incl. PDFs and other attachments) only in the Zotero online storage, and not on my local HD?

If so, how would I set that up?

I know this is probably asked and answered a dozen times somewhere in the forums, but I couldn't find it amidst the tons of other questions with very similar keywords...

Thank you!!
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    First, you'll want to change the file sync mode to "as needed" in the Sync pane of the preferences.

    Once you're fully in sync and all your files are online (currently, for good measure, I would do a "Reset File Sync History" from the Sync → Reset pane of the preferences), you can then search for large files within the 'storage' folder in your Zotero data directory and just delete them, and Zotero will automatically redownload them when you try to open them.

    In the near future, we'll be rolling out a feature that lets you choose how many days to keep new or downloaded files, and Zotero will automatically delete the local copies of older files that have been uploaded to the online library.
  • Cool. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I'm giving this a go right now. I think it'll take some time for my library to sync, as I just expanded from the 6Gb option to unlimited. But once that's all done syncing, hopefully fingers crossed I can delete the local library and recover a whole ton of HD space.

    Thank you!
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