Feature request: Make delete dialogue more distinct / separate from remove from collection

With ref to https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/85810/discouraging-delete#latest, I'd like to put forward the following feature request.

Request 1. Right-click delete vs. remove from collection. Could the 'delete dialog' be made more distinct from the 'remove from collection'?

Could the delete have 'cancel' selected by default?
Could they have different colours?

Request 2. Keyboard shortcuts.

(A) In collection, delete removes from collection (with dialog), shift-delete deletes (with dialog)
(B) Outside collection, delete deletes (with dialog), shift-delete deletes immediately.

In my experience, that is not ideal as it's error prone. I would prefer to be able to configure these, including the ability to disable the keyboard shortcuts. I would like to disable 'immediate delete' and either something more complex for 'delete with dialog' or disable that too. (Background: For our use cases, where we have a shared library, connected to Kerko, accidental deletions are a real headache.)

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