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Are annotations possible on the iOS app? I cannot figure out how to do so if this is the case.
  • Annotate PDFs with highlight, note, and image annotations (currently available in My Library only)
  • Got it. Since my library is synched via webdav, I only had files that were accessible in my shared libraries.
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    So playing around with the ability to annotate, I've noticed highlighting is dictated by the text of the document. That can create problems/ cause goofy behavior with the highlighter:

    In that picture, I attempted to highlight the line directly below the image, and this was my result. I would prefer on the iPad to have the ability to freely highlight without tying that to specific lines/text. This would be similar to the request to be able to print/write with an Apple Pencil on the document itself; something I do a lot with journal articles. I don't need those notes translated; just synched/kept as part of the annotation. Hope what I'm describing makes sense.
  • I'm not able to load that photo, so I can't see your example.

    Our initial focus is on proper text highlighting, which integrates with all the functionality of the new PDF reader and note editor on the desktop. Without extracted text, you can't view the highlights easily in the annotation sidebar, search on them, add them to notes, or insert them into your word processor documents with active citations.

    We may support inking, of which this would be a part, in a future version, but it's not something we're planning to work on in the immediate future.
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    I'll try a different link:

    In essence in attempting to highlight the entire line, only certain individual letters on that line, and a random word no where near the line I was trying to highlight was selected/highlighted.
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