iOS app: tag selector, advanced search, saved searches

I assume that these features will be added, but just in case. To find references more easily, it would be great to have the full tag selector, and to be able to search separately by creator, title, and publication title. Publication title is important to be able to find all references from the same periodical.

Will there be a way to sync saved searches? That would be great, but it seems they are stored differently on the desktop app, so maybe not.
  • Not sure when, but yes, those will likely all exist eventually. (Saved searches are already synced. They just can't be shown until there's a more advanced search system in the iOS app.)
  • Saved searches do present a bit of a problem in that the iOS app doesn't have a hierarchical items list, so a search that targeted child items specifically would only be able to show the parent items of the actual matches. But it would probably be fine for most practical uses on iOS.
  • @dstillman I agree, having only parent-item saved searches work is ok on iOS for practical purposes. Thanks a lot--look forward to these upcoming features!
  • I’ve just downloaded the beta iOS app (thank you, I’m VERY excited) and I’m so pleased to see this thread. My only feedback after a short time exploring is that I would love to be able to see my saved search Smart Folders and/or filter my library using tags, so I’m glad to hear they’re in the pipeline!
  • Filtering by not-tagged with a specific tag would be great, too.
    And I thumbs up the idea of being able to use saved searches in the iOS app created in the Mac app, even if it was necessary to still wait for creating advanced searches in iOS.
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