not recognizing email

edited March 13, 2021
Hi. I have stepped away from my dissertation and zotero for a few years. My zotero library has my email address as […] When I try to find a password, gmail tells me no such email address exists. I am unable to sync, update or add new material due to my library being too large. I paid for more memory using the new email I would like, but if I sync, I lose all my old memory. Helllppp!!!!
  • There's no Zotero account associated with that email address.

    Note that Zotero is a local program that saves all data to your computer, and an account isn't required to use it. Either you had an account associated with another email address or you simply never had an account.

    Your data would be on the computer where you created it.
  • @oppieson19: If you're saying that Zotero is warning that it was previously synced with a different account, the message would tell you the username associated with the account. You can use that to reset your password.

    If you don't know the email address and aren't receiving a reset email, email us at with details and a link to this thread.
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