Feature request, iOS Beta: option to download all files at sync time

edited March 13, 2021
It would be great to add the feature to download all pdfs to Zotero iOS at sync time. I have tens of thousands of PDFs and I’ve gotten used to having them all downloaded on my iPad via iCloud/zotfile. I don’t at all mind switching to Zotero storage but it would be great not to have to download all 34,601 pdfs manually. I think some other users may have the same request. Thank you for a great app!
  • I think we can do this, but we may wait until after the beta — I'm not sure how reliably we can migrate beta users to the App Store version without their deleting the existing beta app, which would delete local data. (I think it's supposed to be possible to switch over, but accounts vary.)

    (We'll also need to add some support for handling of low storage conditions when it's supposed to download gigabytes of files.)
  • No problem to wait until the App Store app--makes sense. Thanks!
  • edited March 14, 2021
    +1. I'll just chime in to say that it would be enormously helpful to be able to have my full library of PDFs on my iPhone while offline. This comes in handy when doing field research in remote areas.

    My vote would be to implement full sync/download even during the beta. I wouldn't mind deleting everything and re-downloading once the App Store version is released.

  • I also would not mind having to re-download everything after the App Store version is released.
  • Just in case it has not been considered, I would like to add that the possibility of selecting which collections to sync (as well as the binary nothing/everything function) would also be a nice to have :) .
  • I would also be very interested in this option. Do you know when the app will be available on the store? I came in too late to have access to the beta, but I'm very interested in trying the app
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