Feature request: iOS Zotero Beta workflow for PDFs on cloud storage and linked via ZotFile

The iOS Zotero Beta looks excellent and feels very very responsive! Great job!

I assume many folks including myself will be wondering whether there will be a way to tell the app the cloud storage location of our PDFs that have been linked in Zotero desktop with ZotFile. Would be great to have a workflow for reading/annotating PDFs synced to Dropbox/etc and linked via ZotFile.
  • We're planning to add support for WebDAV file syncing from the app, but we're not planning to support linked files on iOS at this time. There's no way to provide a general mechanism for linked files on iOS, and we don't want to get into supporting individual third-party storage providers.
  • I'm sure supporting Dropbox/iCloud/Google Drive is a hassle.

    I'm also sure I wouldn't be alone in paying for a version of the Zotero App that supported that :-)
  • This would be my number 1 request as well. I've been using PDF expert with dropbox folder sync and it works well in combination with zotfile. I'd love to be able to preserve files where they are and still link to them from Zotero iOS.

    I would have hoped the iOS Files app would have been built on a general purpose file system API you could leverage. Dropbox shows up there. But I guess no such luck.
  • Super excited to use the iOS beta! I've been a bit hampered though because I too have been trying in vain to figure out how to sync the linked files between my desktop via Google Drive and the iOS beta. I have tried using Zotfile, but I have no idea what file path to put in the "tablet" settings to correspond to the iOS location?

    I would very much prefer to not use the Zotero structure to store and sync files, because it ends up duplicating all my files (which are many!) and the Zotero file structure is impossible to navigate in the finder. Which I do need to able to do from other programs outside of Zotero.

    Thanks for all the hard work getting this out there!
  • @cberrigan: Linked files aren't supported on iOS — there's nothing to configure. ZotFile helps you use generic PDF readers on iOS. Nothing to do with this app.

    Re: the Zotero 'storage' folder, unrelated to this thread, but note that you can create a saved search in your OS to just show all PDFs within the data directory in a flat list, and you can also use Show File within Zotero to bring up a specific attachment file in the filesystem. The OS search should also find them by title/author. No reason for stored files in Zotero to be inaccessible to the rest of the system. Feel free to start a separate thread for further discussion of this.
  • @dstillman a related question--would it be possible to expose Zotero PDFs to the Files app in iOS? Sometimes it is useful to find and lookup a file quickly outside of Zotero.
  • @dstillman It would be great to support WebDAV!! Just be curious when will the feature be released?
  • 同求,希望赶紧出来webDAV功能,这样储存在坚果云里的文件就能在ios上看了,否则,只是条目数据,并没有附件
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