APA 7th edition citation

I want to ask for a custom style for APA 7th edition in arabic.
I have a problem with the current style, the orientation of the brackets in the citation keeps appear in the opposite way and the citation include "&" in English instead of "و" in Arabic
I'll be thankful for your help
  • The ampersand character isn’t customizable by language, so we would need to do a custom style. Can you show an example of what you want it to look like
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    it appears in this form )الحمامي & سرحان, 2015(
    and I want it to be in this form (الحمامي و سرحان، 2015) with the direction from right to left and the comma to be in Arabic direction
    it only becomes in the right orientation when I turn the direction to the left to right direction which mixes up my whole paragraph in Arabic
  • any help please?
  • Can you make a short document with one paragraph with citations in it, post to Dropbox or similar, and share a link here?
  • I know this is not the ideal solution, but I hope it helps.

    I entered both the authors' surnames and initials in just one surname field, living the "name" field empty. I got the following:

    الهمامي، ح. و إبراهيم، ح.

    The stop on the right switches to the left when I click on the right-to-left button in my word processor.

    Commas generated by Zotero will be in left-to-right shape. I solved this with an automated search and replace of (,) with (،) in the word processor.
  • We will look into the LTR parentheses issue
  • ok thank you that will be great
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