Oscola cross referencing problem


I have a long document where references are restarted in each chapter. The promblet that I have is with cross-referencing which indicates the original refernce number (ie instead of n5 indicates n300.

Is there a way to change the cross referencing style in order not to indicate another reference? For example instead of Schill n5 -->Public Law Concepts to Balance Investors’ Rights.

Thank you
  • I'm afraid not, sorry. The only option would be to write in chapters and then assemble in the end (with copies of chapter files that have citations unlinked)
  • Thank you so much for your answer.

    If it easy for you can you explain in more details what can I do please?
  • Instead of writing one large document, you write every chapter in an individual document. That way the cross-links are all correct.

    Then, you make a copy of every chapter (don't skip this step)

    In the copy, you click the "Unlink citations" button from Zotero, then you copy the chapters into a single document.
  • Thank you. I really appreciate your help.
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