Vancouver style (or similar) but with full journal names (instead of abbreviations)

I've been searching in the CSL repository, and I could not find any.

Is there a style like Vancouver (or similar), but with full journal names instead of abbreviations?

Or how could I achieve that? I tried making something in the CSL editor linked in the docs somewhere, but have not been very successful :/
  • American Heart Association, The Cancer Journal (both superscript), Anaesthesia (brackets)

    Otherwise, only thing you need to do is to remove form="short" from the container title. In the visual editor, you'd just click on the journal abbreviation in the citation at the top right and then toggle form from short to long in the bottom right.
  • Thank you! I'll be try those, and also the change in the visual editor, since knowing how it works might prove useful in the future
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