Word Plugin Does Not Update Corrected Names that It Previously Disambiguated

Insert two citations using Chicago 17th author-date: Smith, John and Smith, John R., from two database entries.

You will get (Smith, 2009, Smith J. R., 2010).

Add the missing R. so that the names in the database are identical.

Refresh in Word. No change.

Click on Add/Edit Citation in Word, all looks correct.

Seems like a bug? Or am I missing something?


  • This could happen if one of the items has become unlinked from your Zotero library. Can you reproduce this in a new document?
  • edited March 13, 2021
    They are linked OK and findable from the Add/Edit Citation dialog box in Word. If I copy the references as shown in the images from an existing Word document to a new one and refresh there they get reformatted correctly. It is a missing trigger to update in the code somewhere, it looks like.

    Oh, and if I copy them back to the original document they get formatted correctly there too. Which is an easy enough workaround but it would still be nice to have this fixed.
  • Does it persist if you change to a different style and back?
  • @sdflewrit783 This does sound like a bug. Can you reproduce it in a new document? If so, can you provide detailed steps for it?
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    @bwiernik In old backup versions of this file these references update OK.

    @adomasven I can reporoduce in a new document. But if as suggested by @bwiernik I change the style from Chicago author-date to IEEE that uses inline numbers and back the references self-correct.

    Still, this is an error.


    1. Make a new document and save.
    2. Take two references in Zotero with at least one shared author. Choose an author that has a second name initial.
    3. Temporary remove the initial in one of the names.
    4. Insert into Word and format as Chicago author-date
    5. Correct the names in Zotero
    6. Refresh in Word. In my case, both references have disambiguating initials, which is wrong

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