Hyperlinking to jump to bibliography

edited March 11, 2021
Hello, many journals now link between citations and full references, allowing you to quickly jump to see the full reference and then go back to where you were in the document. Does someone know a way to achieve this in Word with Zotero?

In searching through the forums, I see that I'm not the first person to ask this, and others have asked some related hyperlink questions (e.g., clicking a citation and going straight to the DOI). What I am asking about is clicking the citation and then navigating through the document to the references section to the point at which the reference tied to that citation is located. If there is more than one reference list (for whatever reason), it would be find if it just took the reader to the first full reference that appears in the document. Then, when I save it as a PDF, the bookmarks would be included in the exported PDF as well and you could navigate through the hyperlinked citations in your PDF reader, as well.
  • This is not possible with Zotero itself, but if you search around the forums, you can find some user-supplied Word macros that can accomplish this.
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