Deleting a folder in Zotero

Hi everyone,
I want to delete one of my shared folders permanently but it looks like Zotero doesn't have that feature. Can anyone help me fix this situation? How can I delete a folder permanently on zotero?

  • A collection? Click on it and press Delete on your keyboard, or right-click and choose Delete Collection.
  • Thanks dstillman but this did not work. I use a Mac. I tried this on both the web and the computer-based version and neither worked.
  • I was referring to the desktop app, and both definitely work there. If you're having trouble, you'd have to say more.

    In the web library, you click the "⋯" button to the right of the collection name and select Delete from the menu.
  • (Might be ctrl+click on a Mac, though I thought they now all had right-click enabled by default?)
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    (Macs don't have multiple mouse buttons unless you're using third-party hardware, which has always worked out of the box. Otherwise, "right-click" just means Ctrl-click, two-finger click, click on the right side of your Magic Mouse, or whatever is appropriate for your input device and you've configured in Settings. We kind of have to assume Mac users understand that.)
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