Automatic tag and tag improvement

Zotero use automatic tag by default. It can quickly flood the tag list making the list unusable. I believe only a few users know you can deactivate the automatic tag feature.

You can delete the automatic tag using the menu in the right bottom corner of the tag part of the left column. But then they are gone for good and hard to get back.

I believe the tag could be improved:
1) in the tag tab of an item, automatic tag could be visible (but not assigned to the item) allowing the user to quickly tootle them once by once.
2) add an action "automatic tag" that would assign all automatic tag on selected items
3) In the sidebar tag list, display the number of items that are tagged => mytag (14)
4) Drag&Drop on tags on another to merge the first with the second
5) Make the item list row higher and add tag list (with names) below. Not only the colored one (but start with the colored), all of them.

There are certainly other improvements possible. Those are just suggestions, but I do believe the discovery of the tag features could be better.
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