Add citation issue, google docs

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am facing a technical issue with an editing citation that had just recently appeared

Google Docs/ Zotero / footnote/ add citation.

I am using style: "Society of Biblical Literature 2nd Edition"

Normally, when adding a citation,
1) I first inserting footnotes in google docs, creating 2 numbers, one within the essay and one in the footnote.
2) then next to the number in the footnote area, I would click "add a citation with Zotero". the citation will usually appear next to the number at the bottom.

But recently....

the source is inserted next to the ref. number WITHIN the essay, while leaving the footnote section empty. This would be ok for MLA format, but I am using
"Society of Biblical Literature 2nd Edition",

Is this a bug in the coding?
Mr. Lee
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