Deleting Automatic Tags Will Not Work

I don't use tags (I plan to, but it's not something I currently do). So, all the tags I have in Zotero are automatic.

I just selected the option to delete automatic tags, and I got a message saying 900 tags will be deleted... but there's still a whole bunch of tags in the tag list. I did not create them, and the option to delete automatic tags is now greyed out.

The tags themselves also keep greying out. Once this happens, in order to edit/delete a tag I need to restart Zotero so they are no longer greyed out.

Is there a way to delete these in bulk? I looked at the documentation, but I could only see how to delete individual tags (bulking editing refers to renaming).

Note: I'm using Beta (5.0.97-beta.1+586a6f1dd), so it may be just a beta issue (?)
  • If they're not being deleted, they're not automatic tags. You can confirm that by clicking an item and looking in the Tags tab in the right-hand pane. Blue means manual, orange means automatic.

    You can end up with manual tags you didn't create if you do an import from a file — Zotero has no way of knowing that they're not tags you created in an other program.

    There's not currently a way to delete all non-automatic tags, but this is planned.
    The tags themselves also keep greying out.
    They would be grayed out if you have Display All Tags in This Library enabled and you're in a collection where the tags don't match any items (so you can drag items to them). They'll never be grayed out in the library root.
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