HELP! Citations have lost link to my library

Citations in my document are not updated when I change them in Zotero. It means that when I change a record in Zotero, the change is not reflected in the bibliography of the document.
When "Add/Edit citation" is opened, I noticed that citations do not have the "Open in my library" button.
This does not happen when adding citations in a new document
Is there any way to reconnect the citations to my library?
Indeed the documents with the lost links are not new.
Thank you
  • Thanks. It would be nice to understand why this happened so that something similar will occur in the future.

    The word file still have the references and I can still add the bibliography, buch such references won't be updated if they are changed in the Zotero library. Indeed, the link "Open in my library" is not available anymore.

    Could it be that some Zotero update messed this up?
  • edited March 9, 2021
    The linked page explains the possible reasons. This wasn't caused by Zotero. These are standard Word fields that were flattened by something you or someone else who saved the document did. There's nothing Zotero can do to prevent this — Zotero simply inserts standard Word fields into the document.
  • @ariannabassan: Wait, sorry, I misread your original post. The linked page isn't relevant — that would be if the citations were actually flattened into plain text.

    You'd get orphaned citations if you deleted items in Zotero since creating this document, or if you're editing the document on a different computer from where these items were added to Zotero and haven't synced.

    If you toggle Word field codes for one of the orphaned items, what's the URL that shows up?
  • Thanks for this explanation. It was very helpful to trace back what went wrong and how we could avoid this in the future. Thank you so much for the prompt response.
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