How can I work with two libraries?

Hello there
I love working with Zotero. I was using mendeley when I first set it up and I abandoned it because of its slowness. I tried Docear. I had the same problem. Finally I tried zotero. After understanding the logic of work and reading many discussions in this forum, I solved many of my problems.
However, recently, zotero consumes at least 500-600 MB of memory from my 4GB ram memory. It used to be pretty fast. now the pace of work has dropped.

I wonder, because I am working with more than one collection in a single library.

If so, how can I remove all these publications required in my work and work only with the publications I want to work with. However, my main library and my working order should be left aside so that I don't have to organize data in zotero for 6-7 months again.

Please do not have suggestions such as buy a faster computer or increase computer RAM. Because the best computer I can buy in the conditions of the country I live in and in my own financial situation is the computer I have at the moment.

Intel core2duo P8700 processor with windows 7 (64bit) installed, 4 GB ram, 128 GB SSD, 250 GB hdd.
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